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Reduce CO2 emissions, increase efficiency and savings with
SkyBreathe 360° eco-flying platform for airlines.

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Mock up of the new SkyBreathe Analytics interface, your eco-flying solution to save fuel

One platform to empower all your team
in your fuel program.

SkyBreathe® is much more than just a fuel efficiency software, it is a complete platform that gives you all the tools you need to build and grow a successful fuel efficiency program without having to juggle many different tools.

All the integrated products have been thought to involve all stakeholders,
 spread a vibrant green culture in your airline to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and costs.

SkyBreathe® community impact in 2023

kg of fuel saved
1 million
tons of CO2 saved
USD saved
1 million
trees equivalent
1 million

Harness Big Data and AI to achieve
greater fuel savings while protecting nature,
all in one place.

Whether you are a CEO, a Head of Flight Operations, a Pilot, a Fuel Manager, a Maintenance Engineer, SkyBreathe® has a solution to help you succeed in your fuel program, but the real magic happens when you use them together. 

Start with all you need. Add more later.

SkyBreathe Analytics Eco-flying solution for airlines logo
Identify fuel saving opportunities, monitor progress and take action through a powerful Big Data and AI fuel management software.
SkyBreathe OCC logo
Take control of your on-time performance, understand root causes for delays and perform in-depth analysis about your operations.

SkyBreathe MyFuelCoach logo
Empower pilots with a mobile app that let them see how well they performed, learn how they could improve and better prepare pre-flight briefings.
SkyBreathe APM logo
Continuously monitor aircraft performance with an up-to-date view of the entire fleet health. Get notified of abnormal deterioration and get indicators for pro-active maintenance.

SkyBreathe OnBoard logo
Engage pilots at the right moment with an EFB application that provides real-time support for fuel-saving during the flight in a seamless, and natural way.
Benefit from a coherent set of extra features around trajectory analysis. Take flight analysis to the next level by using plenty of additional functionalities to identify new savings opportunities.

Succeed like the 65+ other forward-thinking airlines using SkyBreathe®


"SkyBreathe® has proven to be a key tool to implement our fuel conservation plan.
In 2019, we saved about 3200 tons of fuel, which represents between
4 and 5 % of our total consumption and our pilots love it!”

Emmanuel Cachia from Transavia
Emmanuel Cachia​ Head of Flight Operations​
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