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AI assistant for fuel savings

Go deeper with your flight analytics, save time and focus on what matters most with Advisor.

AI-based features integrated into the SkyBreathe® Platform

Advisor offers insights, predictions, or recommendations that users can leverage to know where they can progress.


The fuel savings guidance are based on the world’s largest fuel efficiency dataset and solid algorithms monitoring over 15 million flights, with more than 10 years of historical data.

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Advanced analytics, made easier

  • Easily find out more fuel savings opportunities.
  • Identify where you can progress and prioritize actions by targeting the greatest potential savings.
  • Lighter your workload. Increase the productivity of your team.

Instantly see what you should do to save fuel

With a few simple clicks.

Included in the SkyBreathe® platform

To facilitate your daily tasks.

Tracking every fuel saving opportunity is now possible thanks to advisor

SkyBreathe® Advisor irresistible tools

Optimizer SOON

Highlight the optimum settings for each fuel-saving recommendation to maximize results.

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Test the impact of an action with an advanced simulation tool to confidently make complex decisions.

Smart Insights

Analyze airline operations and give insights on where to focus and identify actions to be taken.

SkyBreathe Advisor's insights

Pro Tips

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Enhance your experience by offering tips on how to better use the solution and reach your goals.

Frequently asked questions

What is SkyBreathe® Analytics?

SkyBreathe® Analytics is the #1 eco-flying solution for commercial aviation. Identify fuel-saving opportunities, monitor progress, and take action through a powerful Big Data and AI-driven fuel management software.

A study is necessary to evaluate the costs because it depends on your airline’s fleet and needs. However, more important than the cost is the value! Depending on the size of the fleet, the ROI of a fuel-efficiency solution is between 10 and 30.

SkyBreathe® Advisor is currently available in SkyBreathe® Analytics. Although some Advisor tools are only available in advanced editions. Please get in touch with OpenAirlines teams to identify the right edition for your needs and where Advisor features are available.

Our team is cooking great new AI features. Stay tuned!

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