Aircraft Performance Monitoring

Continuously monitor aircraft performance and get an always up-to-date view of the entire fleet health for increased safety and fuel-efficiency. Get notified of abnormal deterioration, identify root causes and take corrective actions.


Guess Less. Know More.​

How is your fleet really performing right now? Which aircraft exactly is currently having a abnormal degradation? What are the causes?

Many teams try (and fail) to answer these questions using manual effort or legacy monitoring tools that hit dead ends. 

Modern airlines require a modern approach to aircraft monitoring. SkyBreathe® APM helps zoom out to see the big picture and shines a light into all the previously dark corners of your fleet health. It automatically monitors the aircraft performance of your entire fleet, alerts on abnormal degradation, and identifies root causes, making it easy to solve problems faster, increase safety, reduce costs and fuel burn.

Analyze the performance trend of a given aircraft or of the whole fleet.


Popular features

The power of AI

The AI-powered solution allows the airline to simplify processes and access valuable performance reports & alerts that help you track the effectiveness of each aircraft.

Easier and faster decisions

It is all about making it easy for performance and maintenance engineer to gain accurate and seamless aircraft performance monitoring for more efficient flight, FMS, and maintenance planning decisions.

Smart analysis

It alerts of abnormal performance deterioration, helps quick identification of the root cause, and faster time to resolution of aircraft's problems.

Prioritize correction actions

SkyBreathe APM automatically shows the cost impact to let you prioritize corrective actions.

Fully automated

Computations are based on an automatic daily data import from your FDR exactly as it works in SkyBreathe Analytics.

Covers all fleet types

When you have different fleet, data are scattered, it’s hard to gather and locate them. SkyBreathe APM support all fleets.

No hardware

SkyBreathe APM is a digital tool working without implementing any hardware.

How does it work?

  1. Uses QAR data to compute actual aircraft performance during cruise
  2. Integrates performance models to compute the baseline performance
  3. Compares the figures to get the degradation of the aircraft
  4. Computes the fuel factor to feed FMS and flight planning systems
  5. Computes indicators for root cause analysis (EGT margin, surface riggings,…)

Frequently Asked Questions

Aircraft Performance Monitoring consists in continuously monitoring the entire fleet’s health and compare it with OEM book values to:

  • Update the fuel factor or performance factor in flight planning systems and FMS
  • Maintain the aircraft at the highest level of fuel-efficiency
  • Identify abnormal degradation and correct it with corrective actions

Benefits are multiple:

• Always up-to-date fuel factor for increased safety and fuel efficiency

• Increases pilot trust in planned fuel figures and thus, they tend to take less extra fuel on board

• Fully automated process (continuous integration of data)

• Zero workload, zero hardware

• Covers all fleet types

• Decisions making based on facts rather than hunches

• Faster time to resolution of aircraft problems, reducing costs and fuel burn

We consistently observe that SkyBreathe APM can deliver rapid ROI in the range of x5 to x20, but this figure depends on your fleet and your current APM maturity process. We’d be happy to evaluate the potential more precisely with you. 

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