Together, reaching new heights

Since day one we have been dreaming, exploring and shaping ways to help airlines kick-start the green shift of sustainable aviation. Discover our way of working and breathing together for greener aviation.

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I believe, it is always important your first steps; your first school will frame your education path, first friend will build your perspective about life, and your first job will trigger your career path! Hence, I am so grateful to begin my professional journey with OpenAirlines. As a newcomer, I can feel that my colleagues would watch my back and really feel like I belong, this is what I need to grow and to thrive! I feel trusted by my colleagues, which makes my team a good place to learn and grow!

Join an international and passionate team

Working from Toulouse, Montréal, Hong Kong, and Miami, OpenAirlines is composed of a unique blend of highly skilled and friendly co-workers who complement each other’s personalities, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. It includes Aeronautics R&D Scientists, Marketing and Creative minds, Aircraft Performance experts, Customer Success Managers & Sales, IT, and Big Data specialists.

More than an aviation software provider

Together we are shaping the future of sustainable aviation. Saving CO2 is our north star and is what drives us every day.

Focused on people

Our values and ethical rules are a source of pride and unity at OpenAirlines. They are one of our most valuable assets and we will continue to draw on them as a source of strength and guidance.

9 nationalities

and English as a reference language.

35% of women

in our team compared to 22% on average in european tech companies*.

13 internships,​

VIE and work-study training programs for 2022/23.

43% of female​

among our board members.

*McKinsey study (January 2023) “Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage.” Sven Blumberg, Melanie Krawina, Elina Mäkelä, and Henning Soller. 

Certified B-Corp

In 2020, OpenAirlines obtained the B-Corp certification. Certified B-Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

It’s been a year since I’m working at OpenAirlines and since the first day I felt welcomed and appreciated for everything I’ve been doing.
We are given freedom in our work to attain objectives, this helps our culture of bringing people together even in tough moments.
Also, we like doing things together this may include some long talks at the bar !

Life at OpenAirlines

We value our employees and their well-being is essential to us. We offer a host of benefits to be the best possible place to work and empower our team to reach its greatest potential.

Soft and sustainable mobility

Annual allowance to enable employees to opt for low-carbon modes of transport, such as cycling, walking, or other eco-responsible alternatives.

Flexibility and work-life balance

Take advantage of hybrid work and 3 weeks of “work from anywhere” per year. Choose to slow travel, extend your stay in Milan, or spend more time with your family.

Refresh Your Mind

Enjoy the local cultural scene with free theatre tickets. Broaden horizons beyond work and boost your creativity.

Always Learning

From a well-oiled onboarding process to day-to-day education, keep abreast of advances in the sector, take part in training courses, and attend conferences. 

Join the team and make an impact

Questions about working here?

The OpenAirlines team numbers 80 employees, with an average age of 32. Our team brings together a range of complementary profiles to deliver its customers the best possible experience and performance. We work with outstanding: developers, aeronautical data science engineers, product managers, product owners, implementation specialists, support operators, and designers.

The teams are divided into 7 departments and spread over 4 locations worldwide to provide their customers with the best possible support in the field.

OpenAirlines overall 2024 gender equality index (based on 2023 data) is 87/100.
The broken down by indicator is as follows:
– Pay gap indicator: 29/40
– Individual pay rise rate gap indicator: 35/35
– Return from maternity leave indicator: NC
– High pay indicator: 10/10
L’index global 2024 égalité femmes/hommes d’OpenAirlines (au titre des données 2023) est de 87/100.
Décliné par indicateurs comme suit :
– indicateur écart de rémunérations : 29/40
– indicateur écart de taux d’augmentations individuelles : 35/35
– indicateur retour de congés maternité : NC
– indicateur hautes rémunérations: 10/10

We aim to create a modern, welcoming, and warm space where everyone feels at ease to express themselves and grow. Kitchens are stocked with local fruits, coffee, tea, and of course, all the little sweets brought back by holidaymakers on their return from vacation.

Sustainability is also at the heart of our preoccupation. We chose to set up and stay in the center of town, close to public transportation, and all amenities. We use coffee beans rather than capsules or filters.  Also, we support a local initiative with composters for our waste.

It’s a priority for us at OpenAirlines to maintain social ties, cohesion, and the harmonious functioning of our teams while proposing a hybrid way of working. Employees divide their time between in-office and remote work with weekly in-office expectation of a minimum of 3 days. 

Need more flexibility? OpenAirlines offers 3 weeks of work from anywhere per year. Choose to slow travel, extend your stay in Milan, or spend more time with your family.