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You feel that you spend too much time collecting data from different sources and you have trouble making them consistent?

Imagine if all your raw data were collected automatically every day from multiple sources with 100+ data quality controls and if you could access 100+ analyses, dashboards, and reports that allow you to monitor key metrics easily, right out of the box.

That is where dedicated Big Data and analytics platform such as SkyBreathe® make a difference. The digital solution provides unmatched capability covering data gathering, and smart analysis to generate actionable insights that drives to relevant decision making.

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Measure, track and monitor the progress of your fuel initiatives

Be more productive : automate data collection

Maker sharp analyzes: have a positive impact in your airline

Communicate easily with stakeholders: share data in a snap

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In terms of the benefits, it helps us asking “why” about a lot of different things such as how we run our airline, how we use the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), how we do our approaches… It is constantly evolving: we already have achieved solid benefits, but through asking why we keep finding new opportunities to be more efficient

Eric Meyer, Manager of Flight Technical at Porter Airlines

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