SkyBreathe® for Head of flight operations & chief pilot

Improve flight operations performance

Prioritize your fuel saving opportunities by targeting areas with the greatest potential first.

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Head of flights ops

Better understand your operations

With SkyBreathe®, easily identify savings potential and have an impact on the bottom line by reducing the #1 cost by 2-5%.

You probably know this famous quote from Lord Kelvin: “You cannot improve what you cannot measure”? SkyBreathe® will help you get a clear view on your fuel savings achievements and you will be able to:

  • Better monitor and measure your fuel results, and identify precisely savings potential.
  • Prioritize your fuel-saving opportunities by targeting areas with the greatest potential savings first.
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Create a common culture

Broadcasting information regarding best practice procedures is an internal tedious process: it’s hard and costly to train everybody because team’s methods need to be standardized.

With SkyBreathe’s digital suite, you will be able to:

  • Better involve all stakeholders and spread the fuel-saving culture inline with safety.
  • Better engage pilots thanks to MyFuelCoach™, a dedicated pilot mobile app.
    This virtual coach allows you to automate communication reminding best practices to pilots on every flight. User-friendly, the app is very-welcomed by pilots who better prepare their flights and gain in flight efficiency.
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Have an impact on the bottom line

Reduce your fuel costs by 2-5%

Streamline decision making

Engage pilots in a fuel saving culture

Features designed for you

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