SkyBreathe MyFuelCoach™ for pilots

Improve performance while complying with internal best practices

Mobile access to your eco-flying app, for your eyes only. Track your progress to see your achievements and remaining potential savings.

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Improve your flight efficiency

As a pilot, continuous improvement is not just a catchphrase but a way of life.

Imagine if you could benefit from the previous experience of all your peers that fly the same aircraft type and route you are going to fly?

SkyBreathe® provides this capability through an application dedicated to pilots named MyFuelCoach™, designed for smartphones and tablets. Pilots can have access to the fuel-related metrics of their individual flights, see how well they performed with recommended Best Practices and learn how they could improve.

The better you engage pilots, the more efficient your fuel saving plan will be.

Putting the power of SkyBreathe® in pilots’ hands helps empower eco-flying initiatives while developing a stronger fuel-conscious culture across the airline for greater and faster savings.

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A fuel coach on each flight!

Benefit from the experience of all pilots with data crowdsourced from the company’s previous flights.

Nurture the ops team with feedback from the field with a single click (ATC constraints/clearance, reasons to add extra fuel, flight plan accuracy, etc.)

Compare your own performance with the overall airline results to improve future decisions.

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