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Key benefits

Reduce your fuel costs by 2-5%


Access 100+ analyses, dashboards, and reports that allow you to monitor key metrics easily, right out of the box.

Create compelling reports & dashboards

Define and create as many custom reports as you need to measure and prioritize initiatives with no limitations or additional cost.

Perform in depth analyses

View and drill-down through any chart, graph, and tabular report with Photon, our blazing fast and flexible Query Engine Technology.

Visualize your flights in 4D

Display your planned and actual flight in 4D with fuel-added information.

Streamline decision making

Monitor best practice application through multiple axes (time, geography, fleet…) for a comprehensive and quick decision-making.

Automate data collection & quality

Transform your raw data collected from many diverse sources, clean them with 100+ data quality controls and turn them into actions.

Share and engage stakeholders

Share reports and analyses in a snap with all stakeholders. Engage pilots with MyFuelCoach™, a dedicated mobile app for greater and faster savings.

The magic behind SkyBreathe®

How does it work?

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SkyBreathe® uses sophisticated Big Data Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to automatically analyze billions of data records from all types of data sources, including complete FDR records, operational flight plans, ACARS, etc. 

By combining them with environmental data from actual flight conditions (payload, weather conditions, ATC constraints, etc.), the software identifies the most relevant saving opportunities and provides a series of recommended actions which can reduce your total fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Accordingly, as jet fuel represents ~30% of airline costs, the fuel saved is usually worth tens of millions of US dollars per year with a very quick ROI.

A picture speaks a thousand words

SkyBreathe® principle

This diagram illustrate SkyBreathe’s architecture, and our holistic approach to the process of collecting, analyzing and sharing information.

SkyBreathe Principle

What our customers say about SkyBreathe®

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

Yes, we support all aircraft types, from turboprops to very large jets, in all configurations. Among our customers, we currently have more than 35 different aircraft types that are being monitored.

A lot of anomalies and discrepancies can be found in the data. That's why we have implemented +100 data checks in the system, we perform data consolidation, data checking, and data cleansing.

Usually it takes 4 months to integrate SkyBreathe® from system specification and customization to entry into service. You'll have an assigned Customer Specialist to guide you through the whole implementation.
Also, a full onboarding program adapted to your needs is included.

Yes, you'll have access to an unlimited quality support available 24/5.

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