Emissions module to fill up CORSIA and EU-ETS reports

Emissions Module

Report CO2 emissions and monitor data gaps and their causes at a glance, with a tool that helps you comply with the CORSIA and ETS regulations.

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Easily report your CO2 emissions

Every year, international airlines face a major challenge: to record all flights, identify out-of-chamber flights, and complete the expected reports on their CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. A tedious and time-consuming task, which can lead to errors.

The SkyBreathe® Emissions module is dedicated to help you to fill up faster both the official CORSIA and EU-ETS declarations and to monitor the data gaps and their causes at a glance. 

Computing and compiling the emissions in one click to ease the declarations filling in.

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Popular features

Intuitive interface

A smart and clean user interface to save you time

Reduced margin of error

Best reliability and accuracy to your reporting

Smart analysis

Proactive detection of anomalies thanks to alerting feature

Fully automated

Automatically identifies missing or incorrect data and corrects it

Fast and efficient

Autonomous and fast input file upload to fill your own report

Reports ready to copy-paste

Improved reports adapted to standard templates (CORSIA, EU-ETS)

SkyBreathe Emission Module mockup, corsia emissions dashboard

How does it work?​

  1. The user just needs to extract data from its airline information system in a specified format, then upload it in the SkyBreathe® Emissions module to get the results in a few minutes and check the data gaps.
  2. In case of missing data, it is easy to identify the involved flights. Then, the user fixes the gap in the airline system and starts the process again.
  3. At the end of the year, the user must upload the full-year data in the Emissions module and copy-paste the generated reports in the CORSIA and EU-ETS templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all airlines flying international: Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). 

CORSIA is « a carbon offset and carbon reduction scheme to lower CO2 emissions for international flights, to curb the aviation impact on climate change ». ICAO adopted CORSIA in October 2016 as one of the four pillars used to reduce aviation net CO2 emissions. To learn more about CORSIA >>

For all airlines flying in the Europe Union: European Union EU Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS)

EU-ETS is « a cornerstone of the EU's policy to combat climate change and its key tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively ».

Every year, international airlines must fill up two reports about their CO2 emissions and fuel burn (CORSIA / EU-ETS).  It is a challenge. The task is tedious and time-consuming, leading to mistakes.

The SkyBreathe® Emissions module is a tool for computing and compiling the emissions in one click to ease the declarations filling in.

Benefits are multiple:

• Reduced margin of error thanks to scope and exemptions check: which flights must be declared, with up-to-date rules about countries, flight service types, maximum takeoff weight, etc.

• Alert of gaps all along the year to anticipate the last-minute issues

• A user-friendly interface to quickly fill out the final declaration

• Autonomous data integration in a few minutes

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