We help airlines reduce their fuel costs by 2-5%​

Reduce CO2 emissions, increase efficiency and savings with SkyBreathe®, eco-flying solution for airlines.

Save Fuel, Save Money, Save the Planet!

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SkyBreathe®, the leading eco-flying solution for airlines

Better fuel management leads to faster and more profitable growth. SkyBreathe® solution helps airlines reduce their environmental impact while making considerable savings, every day.

A solution for your position:

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer
Reduce your costs to be more competitive while becoming a leader in environmental excellence.
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Head of Flight Operations
Better understand your operations and identify the best fuel saving opportunities.
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Improve your flight efficiency by taking advantage of accurate data.
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Fuel Manager & Operations Engineer
Better manage your fuel process using innovative technologies.

SkyBreathe’s impact in 2019

1 t
of fuel saved
1 t
of CO2 saved
1 M
dollars saved
1 M
trees equivalent

Data-driven approach

Use Big Data Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to transform your airline

SkyBreathe® taps into the latest digital technologies to assist any size of airlines with all fleet types, to reduce their fuel consumption by 2 to 5%, enabling them to be part of the “greenest” airlines in the world.

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SkyBreathe Ecoflying Solution for airlines
Fuel Savings Opportunities Monitor Progress


Identify fuel savings opportunities and monitor progress

Access 100+ ready-to-use analyses, dashboards and reports to easily monitor key metrics. Define and create as many custom reports as you need to measure and prioritize initiatives.

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Engage the fuel team

Involve all stakeholders in your fuel program

“You cannot improve what you cannot measure.”
Keep your team engaged by sharing clear and accurate fuel analyses, and real-time insights with all stakeholders. 

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involve Stakeholders Fuel Program
Empower Pilots

onboard pilots

Empower your pilots for greater savings

When it comes to fuel efficiency, pilots are key players. The better you engage them, the more efficient your fuel-saving. Provide pilots with a full debrief of their flight with MyFuelCoach™, a dedicated mobile app that lets them make more informed decisions.

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Over 4,000 airline workers use SkyBreathe®

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