On-time Performance Analysis

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Take control of your on-time performance, understand root causes for delays and perform in-depth analysis about your operations.

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Understand and improve your on-time performance (OTP)

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Popular Features

Publish and share on-time performance seamlessly

With OCCIntelligence™​, your dashboards are fully automated and can be sent automatically to all stakeholders, displayed on public screens or shared seamlessly on your intranet.

Analyze on-time performance in a snap

Analyze irregularities and delays per delay code (DL), fleet, station, route, time of day, etc. Create custom analyses in snap.

Understand root causes

By digging into your data, finding root causes for delays has never been so easy.

Understand reactionary delays

OCCIntelligence™ gives you a clear view on your reactionary delays: where they originate, how they propagate, where they get absorbed.

Cross analyze fuel vs OTP

When used jointly with SkyBreathe Fuel Efficiency, OCCIntelligence™ allows analyzing fuel vs. delay policies.

The power of Big Data and AI

OCCIntelligence™ uses the same Big Data and AI engine developed for SkyBreathe, delivering the most advanced technology for your Operations Control Center (OCC).

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