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Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific is an airline based in the Philippines which operates 72 aircraft. Francesc Torres, Director Flight Operations Technical Support & Dispatch, explaines how a fuel preservation program was implemented at Cebu Pacific.

Their Goals

“One of our main challenges was to develop a fuel-conscious culture across the operations team. We had some knowledge about how to save fuel, the measures were out there, we used the IATA Fuel Saving Book, but we couldn’t measure how efficient we were and if we were successful or not. We felt that we needed an automated tool to measure that. 

We chose SkyBreathe® because OpenAirlines was a tech company with an aviation soul, very agile, very fast, and able to develop together with us.”

Their Results

“The biggest improvement is that pilots are now self-briefing their own fuel performance, which raises Cebu Pacific fuel policies effectiveness. In total, we managed to reap 11.1M USD of savings in 2017 and 14.1M USD in 2018.”

Cebu MyFuelCoach results in 2018

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