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Engage pilots at the right moment with an EFB application that provides real-time support in the cockpit with minimal workload for increased savings.

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The best in-flight companion for efficiency and savings

Popular Features

Become a Green Pilot

SkyBreathe OnBoard® supports green procedures for all phases of flights: from the gate to the gate.

Low workload

SkyBreathe OnBoard® works by exception. It notifies the pilots of an opportunity only when all conditions make it relevant. It shares the information in the simplest, non-intrusive way.

Complex decisions made simple

SOPs can be complex because many conditions must be checked before applying a fuel-saving best practice. SkyBreathe OnBoard does all that for you by digitizing the whole decision tree.

The power of Big Data

By leveraging the data collected on each and every flight and putting it to work, recommendations are more relevant because they embed unofficial but real-world constraints.

The power of AI

Using AI technology extensively such as Machine Learning, SkyBreathe brings a quantum leap in the cockpit.

Contextualized recommendations

All recommendations are contextualized with the most up-to-date information: weather and conditions of the day, aircraft performance and position, known ATC constraints…

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